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“Candice gifted us the ability to RELIVE our moment daily. Each photo shows raw emotion; they show not only what we were experiencing during the wedding, but they also tell a story of our guests’ experience. Her photos truly are works of art and we are forever grateful that Candice shared her gift with us. ”


“Candice pulled off this amazing trick of being entirely present and engaging with us and our guests, and yet almost entirely invisible.  She was able to capture moments of true intimacy and spontaneity, and we were left with a set of beautiful photos, capturing the static beauty of the trappings of the day–our venue, centerpieces, rings, clothes, and so on–as well as the dynamic beauty of our guests joy and our own happiness. If you are looking for truly unique wedding photos, photos that don’t just document, but tell the story of your wedding, Candice is your photographer.”


chicago wedding photographer client feedback“Candice’s photos are gorgeous, artful, journalistic, emotional masterpieces. From engagement sessions to weddings to baby photos, this woman has a gift unlike anything I’ve seen. She takes moments that were once special (weddings! hurray!), turned banal clichés (everyone, pose like you’re shocked that the bride and groom are kissing!), and turns them back into memories anyone would be honored to keep. You won’t see any choreographed bridal party posing photos, but thank goodness for it: because what you see instead is real. And worth capturing.”


“Candice captures moments, reactions and tells a detailed and thoughtful narrative from countless perspectives – her creativity, vision and ability to manipulate different situations and scenery is incredible.  She was truly worth every penny.”


“Wow…. what can I say that her pictures don’t already tell you. Candice is an amazing photographer and person. We had her shoot our engagement pictures and wedding. I was just amazed with the pictures. She really captures the moment and emotion that is there. She also great to work with. She makes you feel comfortable at all times and has a great sense of humor too. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer. I can’t wait to have her shoot our pregnancy and baby photos. Thank you Candice!!!”


“We are so thrilled we chose Candice for our engagement and wedding photos. She is so much fun to work with and our photos are GORGEOUS!! She captured so many priceless moments, our biggest problem now is picking a few favorites to frame. It rained on our wedding day, and Candice figured out a way to get some outdoor shots because she knew how badly we wanted some city shots. Our wedding photos captured our day perfectly, I love looking at them and seeing how much fun we had. We would love to work with Candice again in the future!!”


“Candice is just splendid and her photographs are breathtaking!  She was such a positive and welcome presence throughout our planning and our wedding, and she continues to be now, after the wedding.  We received SO many compliments about her after the wedding. “Your photographer took so many pictures!” “Your photographer was absolutely everywhere and yet you didn’t notice her at all.” “Your photographer was so nice.” “Your photographer’s shots are amazing; They look like they should be in a fancy magazine or photography book.” “How did you find your amazing photographer? She really nailed the mood and feel of the day” and on and on!!! I mean it’s crazy, really… But well deserved!  She made us feel completely at ease the entire day. She was honest with us every step of the way which helped us plan properly and get amazing pictures.  I love photography and researched TONS of photographers.  Candice has such an artistic eye.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding and we will be forever grateful for her talent with which she graced us, and also for her amazing aura and attitude.”


“I used to work with Candice when she was in journalism, and we collaborated on a few stories together. What I noticed is she has this amazing instinct for being at the right place at the right time, and that sixth sense could only be developed by years of being in the trenches of daily journalism. Very few photographers have the talent Candice has.

There’s plenty of good wedding photographers out there. But when I got married, knowing that we had one shot to get pictures we’ll look back on the rest of our lives, we didn’t want to compromise on just good. We wanted the best. There wasn’t even a choice B: Candice was the only person we called.”


“Candice was our dream photographer. We got so many compliments on our engagement photos, and our wedding photos were such a gift not only to us but also to our family and friends. We could not stop raving about Candice, she was that one decision we made for the wedding that was well worth it. Thank you for all you have done for us Candice, your photos may be the most beautiful we’ve ever seen but it still won’t top the kind of person that you are. Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful job. Thank you for documenting our day the best way we could ever dream of. We love you Candice, here’ s to more ‘important events in life’ documentation with you :)”


“Candice is worth every penny. If you want artistic and interesting photos she is your woman. I kind of loved hanging out with her and was sad when she left after our wedding photos were done! ”


As a wedding photographer, I get to meet so many amazing couples! Send me a note to learn more about having me document your wedding, whether it be in Chicago, or beyond. -Candice


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