Where is homebase?  
I’m proud to call Chicago, Illinois, my home.

Do you travel for shoots?
Absolutely! I love to travel, and I’ll trek to just about anywhere to tell your story.

How many weddings do you book each year?
Every wedding I shoot is a story unto itself, and for that reason, I shoot a limited number of weddings each year. I always want to ensure that the personal, professional quality of my work stays intact, and that each amazing couple I work with gets the attention they deserve. And, by keeping my numbers relatively small, I can make sure I’m not taking the same shots weekend after weekend.

So…how much does it cost to work with you?  
My rates start at $10,000 for my team, including two photographers and lighting assistant. Please contact me to talk about pricing or to build a custom collection to best fit your needs.

Can you describe your photography style?  
I am a photojournalist by training and a storyteller at heart, and I believe the best images are moment-driven. I strive to capture moments big and small, to find those moments-between-moments you thought you won’t remember.

I don’t take a lot of photographs of my clients smiling for the camera.  My goal is to capture moments within a portrait session, have my clients ignore the camera, so I can focus on documenting their love.  I’d rather capture a moment of my clients laughing together than posing for the camera!

What’s it like to work with you?  
I take my work, but not myself, seriously. My clients see me as a trusted friend — a friend who happens to be carrying around a bunch of photography equipment.

On your wedding day, it’s my goal to disappear almost entirely. I’ll blend in to the crowd while you and your loved ones create memories to last a lifetime. The resulting photographs will be natural, honest and gorgeous, and will be beautiful, enduring reminders of one of the most important days of your lives.

During our portrait session, I’ll do just about anything to make you feel comfortable. I want to capture true personalities, honest moments and raw emotions on your wedding day, not stiff, posed shots of you and yours. I’ll make you laugh during our portrait sessions and get your wallflower guests onto the dance floor. After all, if you’re not having fun at a wedding, you’re doing it wrong!

What sorts of weddings do you photograph?
As a trained photojournalist with over 20 years of experience, I have documented every type of situation and covered a diverse range of weddings.  I believe that each and every wedding is made up of beautiful, unique moments — moments big and small. It is my job, and my honor, to find and photograph these moments.

Do you do engagement shoots?  
Yes, and I adore them! Engagement sessions are like little dress rehearsals, and provide some great advantages for the big day.

At your engagement session, we’ll get to know each other and you’ll get comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll say “so long” to jitters and get comfortable in front of the camera. Think of it as a practice round — this isn’t your wedding day, so the pressure is off and everyone can relax. Once the big day arrives, we’ll have all the kinks worked out and your photographs will turn out beautifully!

What can we expect at our engagement portrait session?
I want your engagement session to be an opportunity to capture who you are as a couple, honestly and without the crowds. Rather than asking you to pose in a pretty park or other place that means little to you, we’ll brainstorm a location for your shoot that truly tells your story. We will choose a location or locations that gets to the heart of your love story — maybe we take a stroll through your neighborhood, or a trip to your favorite coffee shop.  Perhaps we go sledding in the park where he proposed, or take your pups for a stroll by Lake Michigan, or have a comfy couch session with a pillow fight, just like on your first date. Together, we’ll pick the perfect place!

What is your medium? Do you shoot digital or with film?
I started shooting film at age 6 and even had my own darkroom growing up.  As much as I miss film, I love the quick results of digital photography.

What is required to book my date?  
A signed contract, a deposit and a hug!  I grew up in the South, and I’m a hugger!

Will Candice Cusic be our wedding-day photographer, or do you use an associate photographer?   
I am always your primary photographer. I work closely with a trusted (and awesome) set of second shooters to make sure there are always two cameras capturing the most magical moments of your wedding day!

Do you use a second-shooter?
I work with a team!  This includes a second photographer and a lighting assistant!

Do you do wedding albums?  
I offer custom albums to commemorate your wedding day. Each album is beautiful and unique!

Can you recommend other vendors for our wedding day?
I am lucky to have many wedding professionals in my area as close friends. I am also a leader, teacher and speaker within my industry, so I’m constantly meeting amazing individuals and vendors.  I am always happy to provide you with contacts for other talented professionals who can help make your wedding day absolutely perfect!


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